Equine Integrative Medicine Based Assessment & Rehab Strategies:

Seven Case Studies with Dr. Ridgway and Manolo Mendez


Introduction to Fascia, Laterality and the Crooked Horse Syndrome by Dr Kerry Ridgway

This introductory lecture sets the theme for an incredible journey into whole horse rehabilitation, fascia and transforming the crooked horse. Dr. Ridgway discusses his pathway into integrative equine medicine, the gaps that remain in many modern approaches to rehab and the relationships between the function (and dysfunction) of fascia, how crookedness and laterality affect the horse’s soundness, and the complementary roles of integrative veterinary medicine, bodywork and training for wellness.

“Gravity is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and any time we try to work against gravity, every crooked step, we’re setting the horse up for injury.”

self carriage straightness RESIZED

A must-watch series for any equine wellness professional interested in promoting soundness and longevity through straightness, suppleness and true balance.

Rent or buy streaming access to the series on Vimeo HERE or visit to order your DVD set or flash drive. The flash drives are beautifully packaged and perfect for a gift…and Australians, make sure you take advantage of this special offer!

Read the full course review HERE (and stay tuned for reviews of individual case studies!)


Cat is a Melbourne-based equine therapist and anatomist, led down the rehabilitation path by some special horses of her own. She is currently studying a Master of Animal Science, investigating vertebral, postural and sensory dynamics in horses expressing congenital malformations of the 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae.